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Sell My Condo Brookline MA

Sell My Condo Brookline MA
Have a condo you’re getting ready to put on the market? Call Rochelle Shoostine and say, “Sell my condo in Brookline, MA for me”. She’ll take it from there.
Rochelle Shoostine has the experience her clients are looking for and the passion and talent it takes to connect buyers with sellers, so your condo will not be sitting in the market waiting to sell. Take advantage of Rochelle’s 25 years in the selling and marketing industries and rest easy knowing your condo is in the best possible hands.
As your real estate broker, Rochelle’s goals are to listen to your needs, inform you of the current market conditions, provide you with the tools you need to make the best decision and then go to work advocating on your behalf. There are many great reasons to hire a professional real estate agent. Just call Rochelle and say, “It’s time to sell my condo in Brookline, MA”. Take a look at a few of the most important reasons to hire Rochelle:
  • Unless you’re an expert on navigating the complexities of paperwork involved in the sale of your condo, it makes good sense to hire someone who is. 
  • The list of parties you will have to negotiate with during the sale of your condo is another reason to work with an experienced agent. Starting with the buyer and ending with the appraiser you’ll be met with at least 10 people and agencies you will have to work with in negotiation and come up with knowledgeable answers to their questions to streamline the sales process. Unless you want your lack of knowledge to cost you down the line, it’s vitally important that you have a professional working in your corner.
  • Do you want to appreciate top value in the market? Your chances go up exponentially each time an agent completes another task during the sale process. Rochelle Shoostine has the local market knowledge to provide you with a truthful analysis of your condo’s value. A condo that is priced correctly has the best opportunity to sell quickly and for the greatest potential value.
  • Selling your condo is all about maximum exposure in the marketplace. Without the assistance of a licensed realtor or broker you’ll never reach the market that’s out, there through MLS listings and networking that is available to the pros. Reaching the largest percentage of the buying market will result in a faster sale at a better price. The coordination of a realtor is invaluable. Let Rochelle Shoostine help you when you call and say, “Sell my condo in Brookline, MA”.
If you’re interested in a smooth and streamlined sale process, contact Rochelle Shoostine by calling 617-549-1847. To learn more about the skills that Rochelle brings to the table, visit RochelleShoostine.com and read more about her credentials. 
You’ll appreciate having a professional working for you with the passion and talent that will result in a prompt sale of your condo. Let Rochelle show you how to get started- call today.
Sell My Condo Brookline MA
Rochelle Shoostine
Brookline, MA 02446

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